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Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean Salad

Forget iceberg lettuce (I sure have).  Really, once you go Mediterranean you never go back. The days of the everyday salad are over folks.

This salad is not only just as easy to make as a regular ol’ salad, it tastes better!  And really, tomatoes, sweet onions, arugula, dill, and spice.  This is a perfect time of year for such a dish. Read more

Serving up CSA: Spicy Green Beans

Spicy Green Beans Jalapeno Blanched

Some like it hot… but I like it warm and spicy.  On their own (or cooked poorly) green beans get a bad rap (though some would argue the wrap is the best part).  Enough with the corny jokes?  Okay. Read more

Ridiculously Good Caramelized Onion Tart

Ridiculously Good Caramelized Onion TartI don’t say this lightly: this is a ridiculously good tart.  This is the best tart I have *ever* made.  Suzi at Cooking’s Good gave me a serious craving for caramelized onions and my recent shopping experiences at a few stores I recommend on the Local & Humane page led me to this, my new basic tart crust. Read more

Serving Up CSA: Broccoli Pie

Broccoli Pie Broccoli TartDedicated readers will remember my promise to deliver a fat-free crust for savory tarts.  Here’s an imperfect answer to that dilemma: artisan bread.This broccoli tart became more of a broccoli pie, as I rolled out the artisan bread too thickly. Read more

Serving up CSA: Fake Fried Squash and a Book Review!

Fake Fried Summer Squash

Isa Chandra Moskowitz has captivated many with her fake fried onion rings (hers are vegan too!), and I’ve adapted her recipe for fake fried squash of the vegetarian persuasion. Read more

Chevre Stuffed Fig Salad

Chevre Stuffed Black Mission Figs

Figs may not be local, but they are in season!  Black mission figs have finally shown up at the neighborhood market I rely on for other treasures like squash flowers, masa, and cactus. Read more

Lupita’s Homemade Cheese and Pepper Tamales

Homemade Cheese and Pepper Tamales VegetarianMy nana is Polish, my papa is Italian, but I also have an abuela.  No, I’m not Mexican by birth, nor by rearing (though most of my friends growing up were); one of my mother’s best friends, Margo, who has been an aunt to me since the day I was born, provided me kinship, advice, love, support, and this recipe. Read more

Serving Up CSA: Carrot Latkes

Carrot Latkes

The carrots are in, folks!   I have been waiting and waiting for carrots to arrive in my weekly CSA box.  They’re finally here!  And what do I do with them?  Bake them.  No question!

There’s no better carrot than a carrot baked. They become soft and sweet and somehow more substantial. These patties are usually pan-fried, but, of course, I’m baking them instead.  Baked or fried, this twist on latkes is extremely delicious and offers a few more vitamins for your buck.  Serve with a little greek yogurt (or sour cream).  Your family will think they’re at nana’s!

Read more

Michigan Cherry Pie

Michigan Cherry Pie RecipeRemember that raspberry pie?  Well, once we had that, my aunt wanted more!  So the next day, she requested a Michigan cherry pie.  I, as always, obliged.

Cherries may not be Michigan’s most profitable crop, but they are the signature facet of Michigan agriculture.  I think this goes beyond the cherry-friendly climate and extends more toward the way Michigan views its relationship to the rest of the world.

Read more

Serving Up CSA: Red Pepper and Caramelized Onion Tartlets

Red Pepper and Caramelized Onion TartletsOnions and red peppers are in season here in Chicago, Illinois.  Okay, well almost nothing is in season in Chicago itself, but the region has hooked me up with some beautiful red bell peppers.

If you’re a CSA subscriber or a farmer’s market dilettante, you might notice that red bell peppers from the farm have flecks of green.  Well, this isn’t always the case, but as a general rule, green bell peppers are often the unripe version of red ones.  It takes quite a bit of time for bell peppers to reach their sweet and colorful stage and often enough they’re ripe and ready before they’ve turned absolutely red. Read more


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